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Welcome to VODC

Welcome to NASA's Virtual Oceanographic Data Center.

The NASA Virtual Oceanographic Data Center (VODC) was a 2007-2009 effort to develop data access, search, and discovery software for unifying ocean data sets within and across NASA. VODC used the award winning Apache Object Oriented Data Technology software to construct gateway interfaces providing metadata search and data retrieval for data holdings including:

And other ocean-related data centers as they are made available and identified. VODC's mission is to provide easy, transparent and most importantly unobtrusive access to massive amounts of oceans data and metadata and make the information available to the larger science community.

VODC was funded in 2007 by the NASA Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES) research program. VODC is complete and has been transitioned into the PO.DAAC. Many of the technological advances from the 2007-2009 project came in the area of Apache Solr faceted search. The 2009 PO.DAAC website redesign used all of the code in the back end that the VODC project delivered to it for their next generation facet search.

The technology coming from VODC has also been transitioned in many places to the upstream Apache SOLR project. Any NASA and external data systems project using Geospatial search in Solr (see SOLR-1586 as an example, but also SOLR-773) are benefitting from the results of VODC. This includes several NASA data centers including the NSIDC, and PO.DAAC as well as the DOE-funded Earth System Grid Federation. The NASA ACCESS 2009 funded Coastal Marine Discovery Service (CMDS) project also is reusing the VODC technology.

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